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  • Richard

The Next Chapter (or Episode...)

Having started Radio Repton from a position of no previous experience, little knowledge and just a bit of IT experience, we are really pleased with the way it has grown!

People have got involved, tackled the technology and made lots of really great content! This radio station is evolving and whilst we have some ideas for future development, we are always keen to hear what our listeners think. Please get in touch with your questions, programme ideas or even to let us know what is going on in the area that we could talk about...

We have developed this new website to encourage even more interactivity:

  • You will find our (ever expanding) music library displayed on the Requests page - why not choose a track that you would like to hear - just like a Community Jukebox!

  • Put a face to the voice in the photo gallery on our Radio Shows page.

  • Connect with us on Social Media through Facebook or Twitter.

  • Contact us by using the new form on the Contact page or simply drop us an email:

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