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Nimble Knitters

Nimble Knitting Benefits while self-isolating

Eileen has kindly put together some patterns to keep existing 'Nimble Knitters' busy making a variety of knitted articles to be sent to local hospitals and charities that support families in Sub-Saharan Africa.  She works with three charities: Breadline Africa, which supports those living in the poverty of the Townships surrounding Cape Town, InterCare, which majorly sends medical equipment and medicines, besides the valued knitting, to rural clinics in Ghana - Malawi - Tanzania - Zanzibar and Zambia and the Krizevac Project, a different kind of charity achieving lasting positive change for some of Africa's most needy communities in enterprising ways. Find out more at the charity websites: Breadline Africa - here, InterCare - here and the Krizevac Project here.

The benefits of knitting are twofold. Many find knitting a great calming therapy, it can be of assistance during the suffering of depression, lifting negative thoughts, keeps arthritic fingers exercised and helps to create friendships as, in normal times, knitters link with local groups. The recipients very much need and appreciate the articles created; they brighten their lives and make them aware that others are concerned for them.


All Nimble Knitting received since the first lockdown has now been sorted and despatched to two of the Charities supported.  Six large sacks to the Krizevac Project for despatch to Blantyre in Malawi and twenty-three large sacks to InterCare - eight of which were sent out to the hospital in Lilongwe, Malawi, and rural clinics in the surrounding area in August and fifteen which were despatched in January to hospitals and rural clinics in Sierra Leone.  One of the sacks despatched to Sierra Leone contained many small teddies and jelly baby soft comfort toys for the children who are traumatised by the loss of family from the coronavirus.  PLEASE CONTINUE TO SEND OR BRING YOUR NIMBLE KNITTING.  Eileen has just taken five large sacks of assorted knitting, including teddies and jelly baby dolls to the Krizevac Project, based in Stoke-on-Trent, for their next container to Blantyre in Malawi for distribution to families who visit the rural clinics in the area.  Knitting collecting now will eventually be sent to InterCare plus further parcels for Breadline Africa as the ten parcels despatched in March 2020 reached their destination safely in February, once the backlog in the Cape Town postal service had been resolved.


Knitting is a great therapy, especially during uncertain times, so please continue to enjoy and send onto Eileen (contact via email - eileenfs@hotmail.com  whenever possible).

Wool, Sewing and Craft supplies - local supplier open: The Stitchcraft Centre in Burton 01283 540281

Enjoy knitting for benefit - click the PDF symbols below for patterns: