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As a place to share poetry ideas suggested by local residents, we start this off with a suggestion from Repton Primary School​:

The Rainbow Children 🌈❤️

The history books will talk of now,
That time the world stood still.
When every family stayed at home,
Waved out from windowsills-
At those they loved but could not hold,
Because they loved them so.
Yet, whilst they did they noticed all the flowers start to grow.

The sun came out, they can recall,
And windows, rainbows filled.
They kicked a football in their yards,
Until the night drew in.
They walked each day but not too close,
That time the world stood still.
When people walked straight down the roads,
That once the cars did fill.

They saw that people became ill,
They knew the world was scared.
But whilst the world stood still they saw,
How much the whole world cared.
They clapped on Thursdays from their doors,
They cheered for the brave.
For people who would risk their lives,
So others could be saved.

The schools closed down, they missed their friends,
They missed their teachers so.
Their Mams and Dads helped with their work,
They helped their minds to grow.
The parents used to worry that,
As schools were put on hold,
Their children wouldn’t have the tools,
They’d need as they grew old.

But history books will talk of them,
Now adults, fully grown.
Those little boys and girls back then,
The ones who stayed at home.
They’ll tell you that they fixed this world,
Of all they would fulfill.
The RAINBOW children building dreams,
They’d dreamed whilst time stood still 🌈

by Gemma Peacock

Poems and photos of holiday memories have been added in the hope that it will encourage others, inspired by their holiday surroundings, to submit a poem or poems they have created.  Perhaps a small way to fill the gap of a lost holiday.  Poems and photos can be sent to for inclusion.

The West Highland Line 
Charging through a leafy tunnel 
Overhanging ferns and berries 
Rosebay willow herb and fox glove – 
All along the banks of Gareloch 
Dappled shadows in the hollows 
Rhododendron and grasses 
Yellow gorse and ox-eye daisies – 
By Loch Long shore to Arrochar 
Craggy hill top – sporadic forest 
Increasing height shielded by ancient oak 
Hazelnut and rowan curtain – 
Shielding hill tops growing higher 
Rocky overhangs more perilous 
White washed villages in depth of valley 
Whispy cloud around Ben Lomand – 
Shimmering waters of Loch Lomand 
Twenty three miles of beauty and grandeur  
Sail reflections – orange and white 
Curling trails from adventurous skiers – 
Whole surroundings a shear delight 
Grazing cows by sparkling stream 
Honeysuckle and silver birch 
Pause for train split – Mallaig – Oban – 
From Crianlarich through Strath Fillan 
Hang gliding and eagle compete for thermals 
Cumulus clouds float in deep blue sky 
Remains of snow in distant corrie – 
From Upper Tyndrum to Bridge of Orchy 
Hairpin road to sloping quarry 
Grazing sheep by Highland Way 
Ben Chaorach towers above us – 
Heather clings to rocky gorge 
Silver streams wind down steep hillsides 
By the track dog rose and brambles  
Bridge of Orchy – remote and peaceful – 
North to Summit of Rannoch Moor 
Above the tree line by Loch Tulla 
Tom thumbs and colts foot 
Cotton grass and bilberry – 
Where are the deer on Rannoch Moor? 
Weary walkers on the hilltop 
Endless marshland, golden lichens 
Regimented lines of forest fir trees – 
Crow on power line stretching onward 
Water lilies afloat in shallow lochan 
Bubbling streams into Loch Eigheach 
Brief stop at Rannoch Station –  
Wild beauty to unending skyline 
Ruined croft remote and lonely 
Skeleton roots of ancient tree 
Wind power found at moorland hostel – 
By Loch Treigh to Glen Spean 
Along winding track carved from steep hillside 
Descending to loch shore at Tulloch 
Via tunnel in the hillside – 
Past roots of forest trees to the station 
Speeding now through the valley 
Brief glimpses of the River Spean 
Onward past Ben Nevis – 
Cap of snow towering over Fort William. 
Eileen Saunders 
22nd July 2000 

A Levada Walk in Madeira 
Colourful butterflies tracing my trail 
Fern fronds dancing in the breeze 
Sparkling water ready for the pail 
Banks of thyme flowers under the lees 
Such are the delights of the Levada 
Eileen Saunders 

A dark blue, stormy sea 
Screeching gulls and splashes from jumpers 
Wetsuits tight like a banana skin 
Lots of boats 
Smelly seaweed 
Never ending sea 
The smell of fish and chips 
A crab claw left by a gull 
Charlie Stewart  

Covid 19 Poem

A few weeks before Christmas and all through the town 
People wear masks to cover their frown

The frown had begun way back in the spring 
When a global pandemic changed everything 


They called it corona unlike the beer
It didn’t bring good times it didn’t bring cheer


Contagious and deadly this virus spread fast
Like a wild fire that starts when fuelled by gas


Airplanes were grounded travel was banned
Borders were closed across air sea and land


As the world entered lockdown to flatten the curve
The economy halted folk lost their nerve

From March to July we rode the first wave
People stayed home they tried to behave 


When Summer emerged the lockdown was lifted
But away from caution many people drifted 


But wave two came and cases were spiking 
Very much so to our disliking 


Frontline workers Doctors and nurses
Try to save people from riding in hearses 


This virus is awful this Covid 19
But we now have hope they’ve found a vaccine 


It’s true this year has had sadness a plenty 
We’ll never forget this year 2020


Christmas won’t be cancelled and neither will hope 
If we lean on one another I know we will cope


Janet Threlfall

December 2020

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